How to calculate the approximate weight of a 90 degree elbow

 Last time, we have told how to calculate the approximate weight of stainless steel 90 degree LR elbow , so if a elbow is 90 degree SR, or 2R, then how to calculate the approximate weight? It also have got a formula to get it. Please see as follows:

The length of Back arc=R*1.57+OD/2*1.57

The length of Front arc=R*1.57-OD/2*1.57

so the actual length of raw material (pipe)=[(R*1.57+OD/2*1.57)+(R*1.57-OD/2*1.57)]/2

so when you get the lenth of raw material, you can easiy get the approximate weight othe the elbow using the formula that how to calculate the approximate weight of a pipe. Have you got it yet?

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