Calculate the weight of steel 90 LR Elbow

As you know, sometimes when we quote the price, we need the approximate weight of the goods, the more, when sometimes we need to calculate the freight charge of the goods, we alos need the approximate weight.

Then How to calculate the approximate weight of stainless steel 90 degree LR elbow easily and quickly?

There is a formula to get it. You can see it as follows:

For 316L materail stainless steel elbow: Weight=(OD-WT)*WT*OD/1000*0.02507*2.3kgs

Take 219*3.76 316L 90 LR Elbow for a example:


For 304L materail stainless steel elbow: Weight=(OD-WT)*WT*OD/1000*0.02491*2.3kgs

Take 219*3.76 304L 90 LR Elbow for a example:


If you still don't get it well, feel free to contact me by, I'll be glad to help.


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