Jiede pipeline company possesses the complete set of test equipment and methods to inspect stainless seel pipe fittings: desk type direct-reading spectrometer, portable quantitative direct-reading spectrometer (imported from the Oxford Instruments); hydraulic universal testing machine; chemical analyzer, intergranular corrosion test meter, metalloscope, impact properties testing machine with range from low temperature -196 °C to ambient temperature; hardness testing machine in the units of Rockwell and Leeb (portable); ultrasonic thickness meter, ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic particle inspection and penetration inspection, And the like.


Pipe fittings testing equipment
Hydraulic universal testing machine
Steel pipe fittings
WAS desk-type direct-reading spectrometer Portable direct-reading spectrometer
Low/room temperature impact property testing machine
High-speed carbon & sulfur analyzer Intergranular corrosion test instrument
Ultrasonic thickness meter Leeb/Rockwell hardness tester





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